Chef Jimmy Mitchell is a native of Columbus, Ohio where he has been in the culinary field for 30+ years. He has always had a passion for cooking and loves working with different spices & creating sauces. 


Chef Jimmy understands flavor combinations from years of working in the culinary field. He and his wife, Yvette, were not able to find a certain spice that they could use all the time, so he decided to create his own spices. God gave him the formula for the spices and the rest is history! His original spices and sauces recipes are made from scratch.


In his first restaurant, Chef Jimmy found that signature dishes needed signature sauces. The WooHoo Sauce was the first of his creations. Its popularity grew to the point that people were requesting it and demanding him to bottle it. And so, he did!! From there, Chef Jimmy created the Five Alarm Hot Sauce and the Spice Blend, two favorites of Yvette, his biggest supporter!


These are only the first of many spices & sauces that will be available to the market.

Chef Jimmy takes pride in his products by using the best quality ingredients to insure that his products can compete with all name brand products. Look for the products in your favorite store soon!

I want to give a big thank you to my wife Yvette for all her support & faith in the vision that God has blessed me with.

Plus, she loves to use the products, but her favorite is the Five Alarm Hot Sauce & the Spice Blend.